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Kathy Barto - Crackerbarrel Corner's eBook Reviewer

Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers

This guide is packed with useful information gleaned from the most hush-hush secrets revealed by betta breeders to raise the most incredible fish. They work for anyone, anywhere and at any time. A common problem is bettas die easily. Troubleshooting portion of betta guide will list every symptom of illness.

Including the 7 steps of introducing your betta to his new environment.

How to train your betta to swim around the tank in whatever pattern you command.

In the Troubleshooting portion of the guide you'll learn what it means when you see these symptoms, and what you can do to easily solve them:

Your bettas lose their appetite and become sluggish.
Your betta has cloudy eyes.
You see split or shredded fins.
Your betta loses color or develops horizontal stripes.
Your betta's body is swollen. You may see him floating on his side at the top of the water unable to balance himself. Maybe he even has trouble breathing.
One or both of your betta's eyes are bulging. Your betta may also lose his appetite and become less energetic.
Your betta's fins are withering away and disintegrating.

What to do about ick, a condition where your betta has small white spots on his skin and fins that look like salt crystals. Ick is a bacterial infection that drains your fish's energy until he dies.

What exactly to do about fin rot so that it heals and never comes back.

Three signs that the water could be poisoning your Betta... and three recommended, reliable ways to check for poison and then remedy the situation.


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The Hobbs Floating Duck House

The Hobbs incorporates the beauty of cedar planking, with the ‘floatability’ of the duck canopy. Free-floating duck housing has the advantage over ‘bank fixed’ nests in that it keeps the nest mid water, deterring the fox and other threats to the nesting duck.

The Hobbs Duck Nesting House provides one nesting bay and has a easy cleaning method in that the float has a ‘fixing free’ location for the house, to clean the nest you simply unhook and lift off the canopy... READ MORE 

Hobbs Floating Duck House
The Hobbs Floating Duck House


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